Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA Car Insurance
Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA Car Insurance
Brittany FarmsThe Highlands Pennsylvania car insurance

Brittany Farms-The Highlands is located in Pennsylvania. Its population is 4,069 as of 2020. This is an increase of 14.4% from the previous year. In the same period, the median household income increased by 0.243%, from $90,488 to $90.708. The average age in Brittany Farms-The Highlands is 46.2.

Income inequality in Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA

Income inequality in Brittany Farms-the Highlands, PA is a major issue in the city. While the majority of people live in a low-income household, the number of people who fall below the poverty line varies. The city is mainly composed of white residents, with approximately 90.8% of residents being White or African American. However, the area's residents are also composed of people of Hispanic descent, who make up 2.5% of the population.

In the last decade, the median home value in Brittany Farms-the Highlands, PA, declined by 0.46%, compared to a 0.15 percent yearly rate for the entire state and 0.13 percent for the United States. Moreover, the median gross rent is $1,273 per month, compared to $915 for the state and $1,023 nationally. Despite the comparatively low income level, Brittany Farms-the Highlands residents are still largely homeowners. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 76.6% of people living in Brittany Farms-the Highland area who own their home. This compares to a national median of 63.8%, and is a lot higher than the median home value of $204,900 in the rest of Pennsylvania.

While income inequality in the entire state is a significant problem in most cities, income inequality in Brittany Farms-the Highlands, PA is even more pronounced in the area. The town is home to one of the highest numbers of Families With No One Working, which equates to nearly 20 percent of residents in the city.

While males in the state of Pennsylvania earn a higher average than females, the area's average household income is significantly lower, at only $90,708 versus $60,293 nationally. Moreover, Brittany Farms-the Highlands' median household income is higher than the state and national median.

As of 2020, the median age for residents of Brittany Farms-The Highlands-PA was 46.2. In that year, native-born citizens were 45 and foreign-born residents were 56. In 2019, the average age of the city's residents was 48. The most common birthplace for foreign-born residents of Pennsylvania was India. Another large group of foreign-born residents included people from the Dominican Republic and China.

Brittany Farms-The Highlands-PA households have a median property value of $305,300. This is one of the highest per capita values in the city. In the national comparison, the median property value is $229,800. In Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA households own a car. Almost 75% of households have a car.

Despite the high incomes, the neighborhood has some of the lowest poverty rates in the United States. One in four children in America lives in poverty. The Highlands-Brittany Farms neighborhood has a relatively low rate of poverty. In fact, the majority of families in this neighborhood own their home.

Cost of car insurance in Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA

Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA is a community in Pennsylvania. The population of the city is approximately 4,069 people, with a majority being White. There are about 299 Black or African American (non-Hispanic) residents. There are also 144 Hispanic residents. The median age in Brittany Farms-The Highlands is 46.2 years.

In Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA, the median property value was $305,300 in 2020. This is 1.33 times higher than the national average of $229,800. The city has a higher than average homeownership rate, with 69.6% of the population being homeowners. It has the same car ownership rates as the national average. There are some factors that can affect the cost of car insurance in Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA.

As for income, males in Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA earn $11,238 more per year than females. The median income in the city is significantly higher than the statewide average. The area is home to more than two-thousand residents.

Cost of car insurance in Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA is slightly higher than the Pennsylvania average. A single person in this community spends around $10,097 a year, which is on par with the national average of $9,760.

Young drivers should shop around for discounts on their insurance policy. Some companies offer discounts for being a good student, good driver, or having a security device installed in the car. However, joining a parent's policy will increase annual premiums. However, the combined policy will still be cheaper than two separate policies.

Average cost of homeowners insurance in Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA

Getting homeowners insurance in Brittany Farms The Highlands, PA can be expensive. The average cost is $54 per month, but this can be significantly reduced if you shop around. You can save up to $309 by comparing quotes. To get free quotes, simply enter your Zip Code.

Before you compare quotes, consider the costs in your area. Taxes vary greatly, so be sure to factor them into your calculations. This includes state and federal income taxes, as well as Social Security contributions and Medicare payroll taxes. The average adult in Brittany Farms-The Highlands, PA pays $7,273 per year in taxes, which is higher than the Pennsylvania average of $6,109.

Brittany Farms-The Highlands' housing market is highly competitive. Last month, the average home sold for $350K. Homes are selling for an average of $198 per square foot. This is slightly lower than last month's figures, but it's still a bargain for buyers who'd like to buy a home. In fact, last month, more than half of homes in Brittany Farms-The Highland, PA were sold for under the asking price.

Purchasing a home is an important investment. Homeowners insurance will help you replace your possessions if you ever need them. Many policies have lock-in rates, which means you can lock-in a rate for the duration of your policy. You can also lower your premium by raising your deductible.

While Pennsylvania doesn't mandate home insurance, most lenders will require that you purchase it. Without it, lenders won't lend you money, so be sure to get your home insured. You don't want to face a huge bill if something happens to your home!