Kelly Insurance Agency – Trappe Pennsylvania Car Insurance
Kelly Insurance Agency – Trappe Pennsylvania Car Insurance
Trappe Pennsylvania car insurance

Kelly Insurance Agency has been serving clients in Trappe, PA since 1984, and also serves clients from nearby cities. Providing a wide range of insurance coverage, they offer great customer service and affordable rates. Read on to find out more about rates, discounts, PIP coverage, and minimum liability coverage. We'll help you find the right car insurance coverage for your specific needs and budget.


If you live in Trappe, Pennsylvania, you may be looking for car insurance rates. Kelly Insurance Agency has been in business in Trappe since 1984. This company specializes in insurance solutions for both individuals and business owners. Its principal agent, Patrick Kelly, has lived in Montgomery County his entire life, and is proud to insure clients both old and new. With a staff of over 19 employees, Kelly Insurance Agency is a great place to purchase auto insurance and other insurance products.

If you are a good driver, you may qualify for discounts on car insurance in Pennsylvania. Companies like Esurance and Travelers offer such plans. You can also participate in the Metromile program, which provides a free wireless device to track your mileage. This program can offer you decent discounts if you drive less than 15,000 miles a year. If you drive more, you can get even better discounts. Gender also plays a role in the cost of car insurance, so be aware of your gender and age when comparing quotes.

Residents of Trappe, PA are likely to own a car, but their vehicle use is often varied. For example, households in Trappe have the largest percentage of two cars. And while a few people live in Trappe with a single car, others live in a household with three or more cars.

When you choose to purchase auto insurance in Trappe, PA, you may also want to consider a ride-share policy or rental car coverage. You can also purchase coverage for valuables while on vacation. State Farm also offers a Personal Articles Policy that provides worldwide coverage for your valuables.


There are several ways to save money on Trappe Pennsylvania car insurance. One of the best ways is to get a usage-based plan through your insurance provider. These plans can be found through Travelers or Esurance, and can offer discounts for features like a wireless device for tracking mileage. Other ways to save money on Trappe Pennsylvania car insurance include driver discounts and vehicle safety features. Drivers can qualify for driver discounts if they drive less than 15,000 miles per year. Drivers can also qualify for extras like anti-theft systems or other safety devices. Pennsylvania car insurance companies will also reward drivers with clean driving records, which will save them money.

Drivers should choose their liability limits carefully. Experts suggest a 100/300/50 limit. Drivers can also increase the amount of coverage they have by choosing higher limits. In 2015, thirteen percent of drivers in Pennsylvania were uninsured. By comparison, this figure is even higher when considering that drivers with good credit have lower insurance costs.

Some drivers are eligible for discounts on Trappe Pennsylvania car insurance based on their driving history. For example, drivers who are married or who are in certain professions can get a 15% discount. Furthermore, drivers who pay for their insurance in full each month are eligible for discounts from many insurers. Other ways to save on insurance premiums include going paperless, paying in full in advance, and signing up online.

Some insurance companies offer multi-car discounts and bundling discounts. These discounts are designed to reward loyal customers. However, they come with risks. The next insurer may not be as willing to honor a discount.

PIP coverage

If you're thinking of getting auto insurance in Trappe Pennsylvania, make sure you look into PIP coverage. This coverage covers bodily injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of who caused the accident. It also protects passengers in your car. In Pennsylvania, PIP coverage is required for all drivers. When an accident happens involving one of your passengers, your PIP coverage will cover that person's medical expenses. It also helps avoid determining fault by allowing your insurer to pay for your injuries faster than the other driver's insurance.

Having PIP coverage on your Pennsylvania car insurance policy is a good idea if you want to maximize your medical coverage in the event of an accident. Depending on your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy, you can get up to $5,000 in coverage per accident. PIP benefits are not unlimited, however, and will only cover the costs of certain medical treatments. Once the PIP coverage has run out, you'll have to use your health insurance.

Using PIP will not affect your auto insurance premium. The amount of PIP coverage you get is determined by the amount of coverage you buy. The minimum required PIP coverage is $5,000, but you can increase it if you'd like to. Depending on your situation, PIP coverage can mean the difference between being able to afford the costs of an accident and not being able to pay for medical bills.

PIP coverage for Trappe Pennsylvania car insurance helps protect victims of car accidents in an accident. It protects people who are hurt in a collision from losing their rights to sue. It also reduces the amount of caseload in the courts. In Pennsylvania, PIP coverage is required by law.

Minimum liability coverage

Pennsylvania drivers are required to have at least liability coverage on their car insurance policies. This coverage covers your responsibilities if you are involved in an accident and have no fault insurance. It will also protect the people around you in the event that you are at fault for the accident. To get a lower rate, look into purchasing additional insurance coverages or adding a rider to your policy. In Pennsylvania, you can find the cheapest car insurance by comparing rates.

Pennsylvania car insurance minimum liability coverage limits vary. However, you are required to have at least fifteen thousand dollars in liability coverage for each person involved in an accident. This is known as the split limit, and it's usually written as 15/30/5. This amount is a fixed dollar amount that applies to bodily injury and property damage. If you're not able to get enough liability coverage, you may have to pay out of pocket for the expenses incurred as a result of an accident.

Pennsylvania car insurance loss ratios vary, but they're generally good. If the ratio is high, it means that a company underestimated the costs of claims and premiums. A low loss ratio means that the company overestimated claims or overpriced their policies. For example, if the loss ratio is 50, it means that the company pays out fifty cents of claims for every $100 of premiums received. That's not a great number, but it's good enough to avoid having a large gap in coverage.

The minimum amount of liability coverage for Trappe Pennsylvania car insurance is fifteen thousand dollars for each person. However, if you drive a car with a higher limit, you can choose additional insurance coverage, such as comprehensive or collision insurance. You may also want to consider adding an income loss benefit coverage to your policy. This will cover your lost wages if you become disabled due to an accident.

Limits on coverage

Limits on coverage for Trappe Pennsylvania carinsurance vary based on the company you choose. Many insurance companies offer higher limits than the state's minimum. The state minimum is generally fifteen/thirty-five, which stands for fifteen thousand dollars in bodily injury liability per person and thirty thousand dollars for each accident. Limits that are higher than these are considered higher risk and may require higher premiums.

Trappe Pennsylvania car insurance companies often offer a variety of options, including a rideshare service or rental car coverage. You may also want to consider purchasing a policy with additional benefits such as disability insurance. This kind of coverage can help you pay for unexpected medical expenses. State Farm also offers a Personal Articles Policy that offers worldwide coverage. This kind of insurance can help you pay for unexpected expenses while you are traveling.

You can combine certain policies with each other to get a lower price. Some policies have a lower limit on the uninsured motorist portion. Another common way to combine coverage limits is to purchase stacked insurance. This can be advantageous if another policy has a higher limit. This type of insurance policy is usually used for uninsured or underinsured motorists.

The Pennsylvania minimum coverage limits are five thousand dollars. Depending on the type of accident, you might need a higher amount. If your injuries are less severe, limited tort coverage may be a better choice. Limited tort coverage is less expensive, but won't pay for severe injuries.